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Custom Board Game Table Toppers that Flip to hang from your wall and Display your Personal Canvas Print


a Family Wedding Photo,

or a painting,

or Landscape photography,

or Batman,

or Literally whatever you Want!


on your Custom Board Game Table Topper. Choose the colour of the fabric play surface and choose the stain for the wooden rails.

Each Stealth Topper is custom built to fit your existing table. Just tell us the measurements of your table, what image you want, and pick your fabric and stain colours. 

You get a one-of-a-kind board game table topper for significantly less than the cost of a board game table, and a new piece of art for your room at a price comparable to what you would have paid for the framed art to begin with. 

Please send us an email if you are interested or have any questions for us. We are a small business local to Calgary, Alberta. Which means the guy your're asking questions is the same guy who will be building your topper. We'll make sure you are totally happy with your Stealth Topper!

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